Candidate Frequently Asked Questions

We know that the job search can feel like a full-time job (without the paycheck, ugh!). So we know that time is of the essence and you want all the help you can get. Our recruiters are here to help match you with jobs that will get you out of the job search cycle and into something you love. If you’ve never worked with a recruitment agency before, you probably have lots of questions. Let’s answer them one at a time:

Answers to your questions:

As a recruitment agency, we have clients trying to fill certain roles at their companies. We’re in touch with these hiring managers, so we know exactly what they’re looking for in terms of experience and top requirements. At the same time, we know that you’re looking for a dream job. Our ultimate goal is to make a match that’s a win-win for both parties. Here’s how we do it: 

  1. Understanding Your Goals: We’re working with hiring managers to grasp exactly what they’re seeking in candidates. Simultaneously, we engage with job seekers, getting to know your talents and aspirations to align you with roles that are an ideal fit.

  2. Direct Submission: Once we identify a potential match, we submit your profile directly to the hiring manager. Our goal is to secure you an interview, putting you in the spotlight for the role.

  3. Interview Preparation: When you land an interview, we’ve got your back. We provide guidance to help you prepare effectively and encourage you to ask the right questions to assess if the role aligns with your goals.

  4. Guidance Throughout: We act as your guide from additional interviews to the offer stage. Our role is to answer your questions, offer support, and ensure a smooth journey throughout the entire process.

  5. Contract Positions: If you’re applying for a contract position, rest assured we don’t just stop there. We provide ongoing support throughout your contract and actively seek new opportunities for you once the contract concludes.

Think of us as your partners in success. We’re committed to making the recruitment process seamless and rewarding, and we’re here to support you at every step. 

Nope! As a job seeker, you do not pay for our services. Our clients are the companies who need to hire great talent like you. We save them time and effort by searching for the ideal candidates for their roles. Once they hire someone we’ve recommended, they compensate us for helping them fill that role.  

The key difference in working with a recruiter is the personalized relationship we build with you. We understand your work ethic and expertise, making it easier to showcase your profile to companies eager to bring you on board. Unlike the impersonal online job boards, where the response rate is a mere 2%, we cut through the noise by actively connecting you with opportunities.

When you submit your resume, we leverage our extensive network to match you with roles across various companies. While the perfect fit may not be immediate, being in our database ensures you’re a priority in our searches. With established relationships with hiring managers, we have insider knowledge of what they’re seeking, allowing us to advocate for you and increase your chances of landing that interview. And when that interview is on the horizon, count on us to help prepare you, ensuring you walk in with confidence.

Once you’re onboarded for a contract role, we’re here to support you throughout the duration of your contract, and beyond. It’s not just about finding you a job; it’s about creating a lasting partnership for a successful professional journey.

We work with really great companies all across the globe, ranging from large enterprise clients to start-ups and mid-size companies. In Canada, we’ve done a lot to help our clients hire people for their tech and creative departments specifically. Still, we also find great talent for human resources, project management offices, finance and accounting, and professional/administrative roles.

Oh, you were looking for a namedrop?  BMO, Slack, Expedia, and Salesforce are just a few of the big names on our client roster.

In a contract role, you’re like a hired gun for a specific project or time frame—temporary but focused. These roles can last anywhere from 3 months to 2 years or more. During that time, Swoon is technically your employer (we’ll send you the paychecks!), but you’ll work directly with the teams at phenomenal companies. Occasionally, these opportunities lead to full-time employment with the company, too (called contract-to-hire).

Now, direct hire is where you join the company for the long haul. You become a full-time member of the company from day one, getting a regular salary and company benefits. It’s a traditional job, and Swoon does the leg work of finding the best talent for the position during the hiring process.

Great question! This is one that we get a lot. We don’t always include the name of the company we’re hiring for confidentiality reasons. We’re trusted by our client to find the right person for the role and to do the screening for them. If we posted the name of the client, then they might get candidates submitting resumes directly to them, which isn’t what they want (that’s why they hired us!).

Regarding salary, we don’t post that information because it can often mean that many people will apply for a position, even if they don’t meet the qualifications, simply because there’s a desirable salary. Our goal is to learn more about you, your salary requirements, and your specific skill sets and match you with a role that is a fit for you all around.

T4 means you are a salaried employee, while IC means you’re essentially incorporated as starting a business under your name. Depending on the role, you’ll typically be able to bill out at a higher rate if you’re classified as IC because you will have to pay taxes independently.

This is to create a unique ID for you in the employer’s system. When we have the last 4 digits of your SIN and your last name, it’s the easiest way to create a unique ID for you.

This only applies to IC candidates.

Insurance requirements are a crucial aspect of our commitment to both contractors and clients. We aim to mitigate risks and ensure a secure working environment by stipulating insurance coverage. This safeguards contractors from potential liabilities, providing financial protection in case of unforeseen events. Additionally, it reinforces our commitment to compliance with Canadian regulations and industry standards.

Our insistence on insurance coverage is twofold – it shields contractors and assures clients of a responsible and risk-mitigated workforce. This proactive approach ensures that all parties involved are safeguarded, promoting a collaborative and secure working relationship. Insurance requirements are foundational in fostering a resilient and responsible contracting ecosystem.

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"It's always the "small stuff" that Swoon does so well, such as humanizing the entire process and respecting my time. I felt seen, treated, and respected as an individual. Basic courtesy such as replying when they said they would - has made a big difference in the overall candidate experience, which I never underestimate in a busy world. Swoon is amazing.”
Swoon Contractor

Refer A Friend

Know someone who’d be great for a role?

Let us know! If they’re a perfect fit, you’ll get a referral bonus for sending them our way. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Refer a friend. Fill out the referral form on this page to pass their information along to a Swoon recruitment consultant. 
  2. We’ll look for a match. Our team will get in touch with them to hear more about their goals and experience. 
  3. You get paid! If it’s a good fit, once they’ve successfully worked for 90 days, we’ll send bonus money your way!